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Spiral staircase, wooden & metal stairs design | Exclusive

Spiral staircases

Space Saving, Aesthetically Pleasing Staircases

Spiral staircase is a perfect compromise between style and economy, and with Exclusive Stairs, it will never look boring and common. A spiral staircase is constructed with a fixed center pole, which constitutes the main support for the treads winding around it.

Spiral Staircases

Such a design saves a lot of valuable space as stairs rotate around the pole to reach the exact height. Its exceptional design of curves and lines will make a statement of any interior, no matter if it is a classic or modern look you are searching for.

Ask us to use the materials that suit the rest of your property to create a unique-looking staircase that will be a fantastic focal point of a living room or an office. A spiral stairway can also make for an outstanding external staircase, which will complement any fa├žade design.

  • Bespoke Spiral Staircase Designs
  • Space Saving Solutions
  • Aesthetically Pleasing Style
  • Suitable for an Internal or External Space